Top 2 Best Free WordPress Themes For Beginners

The top 2 best free WordPress themes for beginners may change their web designing aspiration to a professional motivation. Yes, I wish to inform you of the features and functionality of those free WordPress themes that you have ever heard.

This is my experience to express my views before you. My dear beginners, you have not to go anywhere and any other themes to grow your complexity in the field of web designing experience.

Works And Importance Of Themes-

Before explaining the good conducts of these free, but Pro functionality and good output effects of the WordPress themes, you must know the works and importance of themes. A theme is a content decoration of a website or a blog site. Suppose, we wish to enter a physical shop.

First we watch the entrance of the shop. And then enter the shop, watch how the shopkeeper decorated the products in the showcase. That is why the theme has its excellent importance to show the products before the customers in a more attractive way. Themes have their attractive power to enhance the attention of the customers.

How Many Best WordPress Themes In The Market? 

It is not possible to count the number of WordPress themes in the WordPress website market. Some are paid and some are free. As a beginner you do not need to purchase any paid themes. The best free WordPress theme, whatever the provides, is enough for a beginner to start a designing career. The names of some renowned free and paid pro WordPress themes are noted below.

Free WordPress Themes:

The most popular free WordPress themes which evolved the experience of the workout of website creation are Astra, Ocean WP and Hello elementor etc. These themes are not only the choice of the bloggers, but also the professionals, who are professionally creating classic multifunctional services and eCommerce websites also. These themes are compatible with the page builder plugin Elementor.

Gutenberg and Elementor page builder plugin provide a huge numbers of free starter templates from their starter sites. After installing your suitable template, you can customize that theme according to your priority. This also supports you to make a stunning look of a professional website.

If you are looking for pro themes, you can go with Astra, Ocean WP also. These two themes provide almost every Pro level facility, which your requirements are. Except these, Divi, Sydney, Hello Elementor etc. other renowned and popular WordPress themes. 

Nowadays beginners to pro bloggers are  fascinated by an excellent wordpress theme, that is Generatepress. This theme is also free. But website building is not quite satisfactory with its free version. If you are a beginner and want to create a light blog site, you can go with generatepress free version.

2 Best Free WordPress Themes For Beginners-

Now is the time to declare and reveal the names of the excellent top 2 best free WordPress themes for beginners to start web designing activities as well as blog and website making business. One of the best free WordPress themes is Kadence and another one is Rishi Theme.

These two WordPress themes are available as a free version. The free version also provides excellent, extraordinary and enough features to build a professional stunning website. Not only stunning and attractive, but also these themes are very lightweight to load in a browser, from where you will be the witness of a peaceful experience.


Best Free WordPress Themes For Beginners

This is a very light weight theme. Free version of this theme is available in the theme store of Although if you installed WordPress on a live server, you will be able to download and activate it in the theme setting section of the WordPress dashboard.

  • Features of Kadence:

From, we get some useful important information about the Kadence Theme. Here it is- 

kadence features
  • Total Downloads:

Total Downloads Numbers of this Theme are more than 300,000+ 193 users out of 205 reviewed giving 5 stars. What an excellent themes it is!

  • Page Builder Plugins:

Kadence proves us a huge number of Pre build Kadence Starter Templates. Some templates can be customized with the Gutenberg page builder plugin and some are customizable with the popular page builder plugin Elementor. 

Gutenberg page builder provides a limited pre-build free template, but enough for beginners. On the other hand Elementor provides a huge number of pre-build free templates. That is why a beginner can enrich the flexibility of potential empowerment of Web Designing experience. 

How to Download Kadence Theme:

You can download the Kadence theme with two processes.

  • First process: Go to the Live server of the WordPress, where you downloaded your website. Click the Appearance button, from the dropdown menu, click themes. Then click Add New Theme. A new page will open. Go to the search box, write Kadence. You will see the Kadence theme. Install and Activate the Kadence theme. After activation, customize as per your requirement. 
  • Second Process: Go to Click the Extend menu located in the menu bar. A drop down menu will appear. Click Themes. A new window will appear. Write Kadence in the search box. Press Enter. You will see The Kadence Theme. Click the Download button and download the file of the Kadence theme. This file will be uploaded in the WordPress Dashboard where your site is installed in the live server. 

Rishi Theme:

Best Free WordPress Themes For Beginners

This theme is not available in the store. Actually this is a premium WordPress theme. But Rishi theme company provides this fantastic lightweight theme without any cost for the benefit of the beginners. Below the download process is explained briefly. Before this look into the features of the Rishi Theme. 

  • Features of Free Version of the Rishi Theme:

I must tell you, it is true that Free services and products have some lack of facilities. So the Rishi theme also has its limitations. But that will not create any constant for a beginner’s experiences. One of the most common limitations is the update problem. The version, whatever you download at first time from the Rishi theme website, will be static for you. No update will be available in the future.

  • Page Building Plugin:

This theme is available with pre-build starter templates. These templates are edited and customized with Gutenberg and Elementor Page builder plugins. Gutenberg page builder provides only nine pre-build templates, from which for are FREE and Five are Pro.
But the Elementor provides eighty four pre-build templates, from there a huge number of FREE templates are available. 

  • Other Important Pugin:

One of the most important and essential plugins available with the FREE version of Rishi Theme is Rishi Companion. Another is PostX, which provides extraordinary post gird, post list, post slider, carousel, news ticker, etc. Advanced capabilities like dynamic site building and design variations make it the best choice for creating a stunning look. 

How to Download Rishi Theme?

This theme is not available in You have to go to their website After opening the page, Click the ‘Download Rishi For Free’ button. A Registration form will open. Fill up the form with the detailed credentials of your own. Then download two files.

One is Rishi and another is Rishi Companion with zero bill. Upload Rishi to the theme section and upload Rishi Companion to the plugin section of your WordPress dashboard, where your site is live. 

What is Your purpose in Making a Website? 

I mean to say, what is the nature of your website? Or which content do you like to publish on your website? Types and characteristics of the themes fulfill the purposes of the owner of the website on the basis of their content resolution.

Personal portfolio, business, services, eCommerce, news blog, School management, e-learning platform are some purpose solving strategies to publish and display the content on their websites. I wish to tell you, if you want to create a news portal, your template should be designed according to your news publishing solution.

  • Conclusion:

Whatever I wrote and told in this article about Top 2 Best Free WordPress Themes For Beginners was my choice and experience. Maybe your choice is different. What is your choice regarding the best free WordPress themes for beginners? Let me know in the comment box. 

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