Welcome to Moldesite, insight and achievement meet the point of science and technology, glorious dreams inspire you to innovate new buds of creation. I believe in that of the inspiration to which I am passionate about science and technology. Always a worshiper of technology and science with respect to this field. Always committed to sharing my writings with you.

I purchased Moldesite.com in 2020. But I did not create any site. After two years, I created this site in 2022. With this site I want to create a little space where the complexities of Web Designing technology are simplified and the possibilities are to inform you to become non-technical to technical and technical to enrich celebration.

about me moldesite prabhat

Hi, I am Prabhat Mehatory. As a tech blogger, My commitment is to provide my readers some informative content about Website Designing that targets a wide range of technology topics. I started my journey with a simple idea to accept science and technology through simplicity. I try to make a bridge to omit the gap between non-tech people and the techies those who interested in navigating the digital landscape.

From in-depth reviews of the latest gadgets, website designs and software to thought-provoking commentary on new technologies to come, I strive to bring a fresh perspective to the ever-evolving technology landscape.

My interest and journey into the world of science and technology began with a simple curiosity about how a device works. In the 1990s, I engaged myself in Radio Repairing. Then the Tape Recorder and finally the television. Since then my love for electronics work.

I have knowledge about Transistors, Integrated Circuits, Capacitors etc. Loved taking electronics apart and putting them back together, trying to understand the intricate workings of each circuit.

I know everything from color code of resistance to NPN, PNP Transistor, MFD of capacitor. Clock and Watch Repair work was done later. There are also mechanisms and electronics.

My life became sparked for lifelong love with that initial curiosity to technology, which explored its potential.

To discover new possibilities of technology, I try to write content and enable my readers to make them motivate to love technology and also try to make their own decision about their life how to use technology to their daily life as well as their society. I hope they will be more skilled to navigate technology for benefit of themselves as well as their relatives.

In my personal life, I always try to find new technology gadgets and software I like to experiment with different tools and applications, seeing how they can improve my productivity, creativity and overall quality of life. I am reader of tech news and blogs. Always try to find something new from experts and fellow enthusiasts.

I am also passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with others. I believe that technology and science should be accessible and understandable to everyone, regardless of their technical skills, skilled or unskilled.

Through my blog, I hope to enable my readers to make informed decisions about the Website Designing technology they use, learn new skills, and discover the endless possibilities of technology. I hope to encourage a community of Website esigning technology enthusiasts. Moreover, we can learn from each other and share it.

At Moldesite.com, I publish articles on website designing etc along with Web Designing technical news. From the latest gadgets and software breakthroughs to industry trends and futuristic ideas, I am committed to bringing you everything tech.

These are my thoughts about technology and Website Designing. But I want to know from you and also wish to learn from you- what your mind about technology is. I want to build a community together with you for sharing the experiences use of technology. Come and extend your hands whatever your knowledge, may be that is unknown to me. Let’s build this site- Moldesite a powerful innovative platform for Beginners to Experts Technology Lovers.   

Participate in this tech blog. Curiosity must be inside. Let’s explore the spotlighted future of science and technology together.

Prabhat Mehatory,
Founder, Moldesite.com